Burton Cattlemans Rail Jam

So I was the exclusive shooter for the 3rd annual Burton cattlemans rail Jam at Mt Buller in Victoria this past weekend.
I’ve shot the event before and was looking to do something a little different this year. My idea was to introduce a second camera and have this camera fired remotely by my main camera, allowing me to document two unique angles of the same moment in time. My good friend rick baker at Pop magazine warned me I may be complicating things for myself, however that was not going to stop me from trying! More after the jump the first hurdle was getting the remote camera rig all set and ready to go. I had this remote brainstorm on Thursday while reading one of my regular photography websites that I check almost religiously, sports shooter, and seeing a little video on one of the guys setting up remote rigs for basketball. I figured that it couldn’t be too hard and it was something I have been wanting to try ever since I got my first set of pocket wizard radio remotes.
So I needed a cable that goes from the pocket wizard radio receiver to the motor drive remote port on the camera body. the pocket wizard company makes these and they sell for an outrageous $190 US dollars! That’s a lot of money for a short piece of cable! I called around to see if anyone I knew About Payday Loan Helpers.
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After doing a bit of research on the internet I decided to make one by cutting into my $160 Nikon shutter release cable and soldering a 65 cent mini jack from jaycar onto the end. It took a bit to work out which wire to solder, but in the end the setup was working fine. I was able to fire a bank of flashes and the remote camera all from my main camera. Awesome!

I get down to Mt Buller and the weather is very typical of that area – foggy, windy and icy. I knew the weather would probably be crap and I had prepared for that. What i hadn’t prepared for was spending over an hour to set up all the flashes (5 in total) and the remote rig mounted on a manfrotto magic arm hanging out over the contest rail, and it not working!!
It worked under controlled conditions of Hopkins and Porter, but out in the elements of my house, it just didn’t work. The problem was is that the camera firing the the remote and the flashes was out of sync with the flashes.

The remote and the flashes were all in sync but it still left me without one of the two shots I needed to make a great feature. So you can complete the entire process of payday loan in 15 minutes direct lenders. To get funded today apply now.

The contest had started and I couldn’t waste any more time trouble shooting so i had to revert back to basics and just use the one camera body, unfortunately!

Post event I worked out that the sync from the main camera is a little quicker than the remotes and I would need the Pocket Wizard MultiMax to be able to sync all of them up correctly…To bad I didn’t read that in PocketWizard’s data sheets before cutting the $160 cable and spending all that time setting up a rig that didn’t work! Oh well, lesson learnt!

The good news to come from this was that The Age, the respected broadsheet daily paper from Melbourne, picked up a selection of images from our press release and ran them in a gallery on their website.

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This is a pretty big deal for snowboarding in Australia. It’s not often ‘real” snowboarding gets a run in the mainstream press!
here’s the link

Here are some of the photos from the event.

Alex Kutaysov (Rus) with a nosepress.

This is an image from the remote camera. Andy Lloyd.

Erin Tanner, the only female competitor in the competition after Courtney Phillipson exited injured

Tom Pelley, first rider in the three year history of the event to slide the top rail.

Contest overview

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