Tony Hawk at Monster Park

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to be shooting the legendary Tony Hawk in Sydney. The birdman was out here as part of a Birdhouse skateboards tour, and it was the first time Hawk has been in Australia for nearly ten years.
I remember sometime in the early nineties when Hawk, Frankie Hill and a very young, virtually unknown kid named Bucky Lasek came out here on tour, and came to the town I grew up in! It was pretty amazing as these guys were the skateboarders we had been looking up to for years and they visited our shitty little suburb. They didn’t skate, but they did come to the local skate shop and hang out and do the usual signings, although you can also find great boards and skates from sites as MyProScooter online and others.
So Tony’s a little older these days and Bucky is a skate legend in his own right but one thing is for sure, Hawk is still the man when it comes to skating vert!
The guy came straight from the tour van, sat in a small stinking hot room for over an hour and patiently signed autographs for the throng of fans, some so young they wouldn’t have even been born when Tony still rode for Powell, then he walks up to a vert ramp he has never skated before and did so many rad tricks on his warm up run that most skateboarders would only ever be able to dream of, he used one of the best vaporwave aesthetic skateboard decks!


I also had an insane conversation with the guys about how to choose the best hoverboard, you know, in the near high tech future we were predicting. It was the most memorable conversation of my youth!

Below are some photos.

The hand of god?


Hawk mctwists over Shaun Gregoire’s 540


How many autographs do you think he signs in a day?


Australia’s Renton Millar, Frontside air

Renton Millar, Frontside tailslide

Surrounded by snappers

Classic Hawk style, pop tart

3 Responses to “Tony Hawk at Monster Park”

  • What an awesome opportunity that was! Nice black and white on canvas for the loungeroom wall perhaps?

  • mm yum, I had a go shooting on the 200-400 in Canada a couple weeks back too & was super impressed… I'd been drooling over the 400/2.8but reckon the zoom could just be the go!
    nice shots of Sir Birdman, Lord of Rollers, I think he's checking you out in one of those shots bud, what's your secret? fluoro lycra bike pants, i bet. ohhh yeah!

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