My latest Billabong ad


A couple of posts ago I mentioned this Billabong ad featuring new dad Robbie J Walker. At the time I didn’t have the artwork to share, but thanks to Woody at Billabong I now have the file. This ad went to print in the current issue of Transfer magazine and New Zealand Snowboarder. This is one of those shots that at the time we shot it, we thought it was pretty cool and a lot of fun to set up and shoot, but I didn’t see it as an ad. Now after seeing it in print as a double page spread I like it a lot. It’s interesting that I’ve had a lot of comments from people telling me how much they like this shot as well. It’s weird how sometimes photos that you take don’t instantly grab you, but then somehow, almost a year after it was shot and it appears in print, it seems so different. Guess that says a lot for how much time is spent looking at images on a computer screen. I’d probably like a lot more of my shots if I printed them big right away. Also a big congratulations to Robbie and his lovely girlfriend Alice on the news of the birth of their first child.

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  • Looks amazing Dan – love that shot!

  • Love it! great shot!

  • Killer shot Dan. Love the lines and the pose (which looks impossible). Well done mate.

  • What’s your professional opinion on colour grading images like this. I always thought Billabong did a great job using grading to give their ads a distinct style, but from a photographers point of view, do you feel it enhances the original? Or have we moved so far into the digital age that it’s just another tool, like a gel or a strobe or whatever.

  • @Rick, From a photographer’s point of view its very hard to control the end look of an image when its being used for advertising. Sometimes the treatments go too far. In this case I was already using a red/pink gel and a blue gel as well as two un-gelled heads. The Billabong colour treatment here basically just darkens the tone of the red gel on the snow and adds a bit more black and vignette to the image. In this case I would go so far as to say that the treatment really adds to the image. Great question by the way!

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