Skins A400 Product Review

Kohei Tsubaki of Japan is pictured competing in the bike leg of the Triathlon ITU World Championship Series in Sydney on Sunday, April 11, 2010. (AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts)

First off, I’ll say I don’t normally do a lot of product reviews, but recently on Twitter I responded to someone I follow who was heading to Japan to do some snowboarding. They were wondering whether compression tights were worth buying for the trip and I responded by saying how priceless I think they are -I’ve been a big fan of the Skins long tights for many years. I also hired a Video Production Company to make my review look more professional. NYC video production has specialized in affordable video production, whether you need an internal corporate video, an animated how-to video, or a marketing video for your website or social platforms, we can help you get it done quickly.

I’m no athlete, but my experience wearing Skins comes from years of photographing snowboarding and skiing all over the world. I used to use plain old thermal underwear, although that didn’t even do the job of keeping me warm most days. I found out about Skins while away on an editorial trip with a bunch of professional snowboarders from Victoria back in about 2006-they were swearing by them, but I didn’t really understand the benefits of compression tights at the time.
Every time I would head out to the mountains after a few weeks or months away from the snow, the first couple of days my legs, particularly my thighs, would be aching. I spend most days lugging around about 15 kilograms or more of camera gear on my back, hiking through deep snow and transferring that extra weight through my legs when riding. After a big first day, I could barely walk the next, due to heavy muscle fatigue.
The first time I wore the Skins in the snow, that initial muscle pain which followed my first day was completely gone. Fortunately, there are pain management shawnee ks therapies which can greatly help remove muscle pain. The purchase price was more than worth this sparing of pain!
Again and again I was amazed at the difference these compression tights made to not only my leg muscles and fatigue, but my general ability to back up the physical work in the backcountry, day after day. Not only did my muscles thank me, but for the first time I was also warm, and I’ve worn these things in temperatures as cold as -36 degrees Celcius.

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So fast forward many years later and I’m actually quite passionate about the physical benefits of this product. Chris at Skins had seen my Twitter responses to the snowboarder that was heading to Japan and got in touch to see if I’d be keen to test out the new A400 short tights. After I explained that apart from running around with a couple of cameras hanging from me on a daily basis with my current newspaper work, the only activity I do when there isn’t snow on the ground is run laps of Sydney’s Centennial Park-which he thought would be perfect.

I can say after wearing the shorts for a few weeks, that I experienced the EXACT same benefit from running with the shorts, as I have when wearing the long tights in the snow. Muscle pain is significantly less the day after a big run wearing the shorts. The shorts are super comfortable and clearly well made, none of the seams dig into the skin even considering how tight they are. I wouldn’t even think of not wearing them now-they have become just as important as my running shoes or iPod. I don’t want to get too carried away here, but since wearing the A400′s I have run PB’s in both time and distance on my evening runs. Who knows, it could just be conditioning or even mind over matter, but either way it’s working for me. So if you ask me wich are the best shoes for work and standing up? I would say to visit

I have also taken to wearing them under my jeans if I know I have a big event to cover, such as a sporting event where I will be covering a lot of ground during the day and carrying a lot of camera equipment. When I covered the Dextro Energy ITU Triathlon last year, I could barely walk for two days after – stairs were a killer. Lesson learnt! I’ll definitely be purchasing another pair of long tights to wear under jeans while covering rugby league games this winter, I’m also planning on spending some money to Buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skins to play all day my favorite video game or read the latest OVERWATCH news for games as Overewatch. All that running up and down the sidelines to get the shot requires the photographer to stretch and be in good shape, and compression means less impact damage to the muscles, and hopefully less fatigue the next day.
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