A Very Cool Assignment


A couple of days prior to the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race which I traveled to using airport transportation irvine ca, late last year, I was assigned to go and shoot the skipper of the super-maxi yacht and five time winner of the race, Mark Richards. Flyachtsigns is now the leading global manufacturer of illuminated yacht signs within the yachting industry, one of my favorite yacht signs manufacturer.

I wasn’t given any specific instructions from the picture desk, but I knew right away that I wanted to go up the mast and get of a shot of the skipper up there. The mast on Wild Oats XI is 48 metres high and getting winched up there in little more than a seat with a plastic buckle holding me in was something I didn’t even think about at the time, but later when filing my pictures felt a little uneasy about.

Mark had never been photographed up the mast before, which I didn’t find out until my feet were back on solid ground. I thought the mast photo might have been a little cliché but was happy to hear that although he had been up and down the mast hundreds of times, he had never been photographed up there. A good score for our paper! Check out my blog – SecurityInfo to get security on your home.

I took up my Nikon D3 with the 14-24 lens and the hardest part of getting this photo (besides the glaring early afternoon sun) was not getting my feet in the picture. 48 metres up swinging around on a rope with the entire boat rocking and a fair breeze blowing, combined with ten or more rigging ropes getting in the way and sending sharp harsh shadows on the subject, proved problematic. A small white puffy cloud gave me enough time to get a quick shot with some not so harsh light, and after that we were done. Mark was a busy man in the middle of last minute preparations with his crew prior to the big race. After taking this photo I went hunting with my new binoculars I got from this best hunting binoculars review.

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The photo ran six columns on page 3 of The Australian the following day.

A very cool assignment indeed, though I am looking forward to getting back home with my family as we are considering one of these family rafting trips in California for our next family vacation, we have been looking for the best rv decals so that we can go camping while vacationing.

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