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Recent news photography

KevinRudd_Hospital visit_Dec_09

I have been pretty busy lately doing a lot more news photography thanks to the best gimbal for GoPro cameras, the past month or so has provided some pretty interesting news assignments for me, whilst working as a casual for Australian Associated Press.

I have photographed the Prime Minister twice, the previous PM, and also the new leader of the federal opposition. I’ve shot the Australian and Pakistan cricket teams, and taken on some challenging assignments such as shooting the New Years Eve festivities in Sydney. I have been working toward shooting more news for a bit over a year now, trying to shift away from the tight niche of action sports.

The Christmas/New year Break gave me a chance to prove myself as a lot of the full time shooters were away on holidays, I had the chance to work on so many different themes, you can check my photography blog and see a few of the photoshoots, like family shots which I don’t really do very often, but it has a really big market and more in the holidays, I also managed to work on two weddings and I definitely was out of my comfort zone, but it was really fulfilling at the end and the clients were very excited.

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French climber Alain Robert appears in court

Today while doing news photography I was covering the French climber Alain Robert’s appearance at the Downing Centre courts in Sydney. Robert who calls himself “the real Spiderman”, yesterday climbed the 41 storey Royal Bank of Scotland building in Sydney’s central business district without any ropes or assistance. He faced a charge of risking the safety of another, and was fined $750 by the magistrate. Robert has climbed over 80 structures around the world and was last in the headlines in Australia when he climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2003.
What I found most impressive about Robert, aside from his incredible climbing ability, was the outfit which he wore to his court appearance. He turned up in a bright red leather jacket and black leather trousers which both had “Mellencamp” emblazoned on them! I’m assuming that’s John Cougar? He looked more like a rock star about to go onstage. Priceless!
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