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Prints For A Good Cause

On July 21 2011 the action sports community lost a talented and passionate photographer. Brad Lentz and his wife Nancy were involved in an horrific car crash which tragically took the life of Brad. Nancy was seriously injured in the crash and was lucky to survive. A drunk driver crossing into their lane at high speed the culprit – lives forever changed as a result, him claiming to have the best criminal defenders to get away with from the situation.

Jeremy Sheridan at has set up a charity auction to raise money for Brad’s wife Nancy since they already asked for a loan from Lending Tree personal loans, but they need to raise more, so I have put up a couple of mounted 90x70cm limited edition prints. The auction only runs till this Friday, so head over here now and put a bid on one of the many items up for offer. There’s some great stuff here and as of five minutes ago there are still some crazy bargains. Go to this web-site for more information.

I only met Brad once in person, but we communicated through email and social media often.
Brad’s star was only starting to rise in action sports photography, he was Canadian and naturally, snowboarding ran in his veins, but whilst living in Sydney with his wife Nancy he was rarely seen without a camera. He shot everything from skateboarding to early morning yoga workouts on Bondi beach. He was keen, passionate about photography, and had a thirst for knowledge of all things photo related.

I met Brad in person at this year’s Bondi Bowl-A-Rama. I was working for the newspaper The Sunday Telegraph and although I’d never met Brad before I knew exactly who he was when I first arrived at the bowl.
Not one to play the “too cool” card as many other photogs do a big events, especially skateboarding events, Brad was the guy talking to everyone around him, laughing and absolutely stoking out on the fact that he was standing on the deck of the Bondi bowl photographing some of the best skateboarders in the world. I remember having a long conversation with him about, first and foremost photo geekery, but then we talked a lot about the future and his and Nancy’s plans to head back to Canada. We showed each other shots on the back of our cameras after nailing a decent pic, and laughed at ourselves when we would screw something up.
That was to be the first and last time that I would get to hang out and geek out with Brad designing an outdoor fireplace.

Jeremy Sheridan at Boardworld was a very close friend of Brad and Nancy and contacted me some time ago to see if I could help him with some contacts in the snow industry to get some product donated for a charity auction. I told Jeremy I wanted to help out in any way I could and suggested I could do some limited edition prints. I’m not one to think my pictures are worth anything much, but it was something that I could sure do to be part of this great cause. The money raised in the auction will go to Brad’s wife Nancy. It’s a small gesture from the Australian action sports community to pay tribute to Brad and to help Nancy out with her recovery.

Rest well Brad, I’m glad I got to spend those few hours with you.

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Shoot The Chef

I was recently fortunate enough to be selected as a finalist in the Shoot The Chef photographic competition. The competition is run every year in conjunction with the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Good Food Guide and the Crave Sydney International Food Festival.
This is the first time I have ever entered any kind of photographic competition and was pretty excited to be one of the eleven finalists.
My subject for the shoot was Hayden Ellerton, the exceptionally talented executive chef of The Terrace restaurant at The Denman Hotel, Thredbo. A close mutual friend introduced us thinking it would be the perfect pairing for such a shoot as Hayden is also a pretty talented skier and I have spent a long time shooting skiing and snowboarding, and more recently have been shooting a lot more editorial features. The hope was that we could somehow combine the two. Continue reading

Air New Zealand Advertising Campaign

A fair few of my pictures have been included in a new advertising campaign for Air New Zealand, titled Just Three Hours Away.
The ad series is an exhibition style campaign featuring snowboarding and skiing imagery from New Zealand, which is currently taking over a large portion of the advertising lightboxes and billboards at Sydney’s Martin Place train station.

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The campaign also features the work of fellow action sports photographer’s Tony Harrington and Camilla Stoddart.
The Martin Place campaign runs until June 19th and just announced the campaign will also feature down at Southern Cross station in Melbourne and should be up today.

Playing catch up in Vancouver


Ok so day two of competition is officially over, it’s almost 1am and I’m just getting a chance to think about a blog update with photos that I took four days ago. So far, the Olympics have been pretty amazing, but to be honest I reckon I’ve been so tired that sometimes I just have to stop and look around, and it’s only then that I realise I’m in the middle of something so great that I don’t have any scale by which to measure it.

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In the past few days I’ve witnessed so many incredible things that I can’t possibly put into words in one short blog entry.
I was invited to a fancy Australian team welcoming party held by the Australian Olympic Commitee where I got to see some of my snowboarder mates in a different light – as representatives of our country, as Olympians. It’s hard not to get a little tear in the eye with pride!
I got to go to another fancy party, on the same night, hosted by Nikon and Canon for the 700 or so accredited photographers.
I’ve shot about 300 press conferences. Well I’ve shot about 15, but you know what I mean.
I’ve geeked out on the sheer amount of camera equipment hanging off each and every photographer here, and I smile everytime I see Nikon outgunning Canon by at least two to one, maybe even more. This is Nikon’s games – no question!
All this prior to the opening ceremony. The games haven’t even begun. (well they have, but not on this blog yet!)
Oh, and I got my first page one sport photo in The Australian newspaper!
Here’s some photos prior to the opening ceremony (after the cut). Continue reading

Lighthouse Lab

Just noticed today that the lab where I get my film processed has put up a nice little blurb about me on their blog here. Stephen Frizza at The Lighthouse is an absolute genius when it comes to processing and printing film. I have been getting my film processed by Stephen for many years now and he processed and printed my black and white portrait series which I exhibited last May at the MTV gallery in Sydney.

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It was all shot on 6×6 medium format Kodak Tri-x 400 and I was amazed when I went in to pick up my prints, Stephen is such a perfectionist and did an amazing job dodging and burning my 16 x 16 inch prints and not only is he a master printer he is also a really nice guy! I haven’t shot much film lately and am long overdue to drop off the few exposed rolls that have been sitting on my desk for months now.

So do yourself a favour and go out and shoot a roll of film and take it to Stephen! Remember that feeling you used to get when you would go pick up your film/proofs/slides? You can still get that you know!

The image in the screenshot is of Australian Snowboarder Mikey Williams, it was shot in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2007 and was part of a series of 12 images that were exhibited. Image here.

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My photos featured on Nikon Professional Services Member portfolio slideshow

This week I was super stoked to find out that four of my images have been included in a slideshow put together by Nikon Professional Services Australia, to showcase the work of their members.
I’m excited to be included in a portfolio which includes many amazing Australian photographers including Mark Watson, Christian Blanchard, Paul Miller, Delly Carr and Simon Carter to name just a few.
For best results click the high def button. The original appears on Nikon Australia’s site here

"Recruits" series promo shoot

I was recently commissioned to do a shoot for Network Ten’s new reality drama “Recruits”, for advertising and promotion of the new show on billboards, bus shelter light boxes and print ads. The shoot took place in a lane way just outside the Sydney Central Local Area Command’s Police station. The series follows a group of police recruits from training through to their first days on the beat and beyond, they are also using recordings of the cameras of each officer, they have each a Promnico Amazon to attach in their bodies, this camera is special for law enforcement workers and the main thing is to tape the whole thing in a different perspective. It is the first time that level of access has been given to a t.v. crew in Australia, and looks to be pretty promising in terms of “reality” programming as it is a lot more real than say putting 15 people in house full of cameras! You can Schedule a Photoshoot similar to the one done here for a special discount rate.
The brief was for the shots to be as gritty and real as possible and to try and show the personality/vulnerability of the recruits. I had under one hour to do the shoot as two of the probationary officers were actually on duty and could have been called away at any minute, so much so that one had to have his radio at his ear during all of the shoot. The shoot was challenging in the sense that the time with the three recruits was limited and the number of shots and variety of compositions was such that I knew an hour would not be enough. I used a little fill from a single Elinchrom Ranger head shot through a 40 inch shoot through umbrella to fill the shadows from the police hats and slightly drop the ambient light on the alley in background to create a bit more of a dark gritty alley feel. We didn’t use just any old umbrellas we used special customized ones from to make sure we got the perfect lighting. In post the saturation was dropped a little and the blacks pumped up a bit for the final print version, but overall very minimal re-touching.
Click below for the original shot from the camera as well as some examples of the shot on bus shelter light boxes in Sydney’s central business district. Click for more information from this source. The show starts this Monday at 8 pm on Ten. Continue reading

What the Aussie pro’s are rockin’

Ryan Tiene corks out a frontside 5 on the gap jump, Style Wars, Falls Creek, Australia

This past August while shooting one of the bigger snowboard competitions on the Australian calendar, Style Wars, I decided it would be fun to shoot photos of the other photographers.It was one of those events where I knew only a couple of my shots would get a run in the magazine, and it was also the first comp I had covered in that season where I wasn’t being paid to shoot for the event organisers or sponsors, So I decided to have a bit of fun and shoot the other guys shooting!

Here are a few shots from the three day event.
Continue reading

Erin Tanner Portrait Session on

I have been working on a series of portraits for an upcoming editorial in Australian Snowboarder Magazine. The series is to document the real jobs of a bunch of up and coming snowboarders in Australia. These riders all work real jobs to fund their travel during the Northern hemisphere winter. It is a common misconception here that just because these kids grace the cover of magazines, they must be a fully paid professional rider. This editorial will show just how far these riders go for their love of snowboarding, and their dreams of one day getting paid to do what they love. has posted some behind the scenes images and video from the shoot here. I will post up some out-takes and image mock-ups as soon as I get clearance from the magazine picture editor.

Time for some updates

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated, not because I haven’t been shooting, mainly it is because I have been trying to change over to a WordPress blog. I have been using most of my spare time trying to implement a new theme and template and today have decided for the time being I am going to give up. It has been far too time consuming and I’m officially over it! I am not a web developer and struggle with even basic HTML, so for now, I’m sticking with this blog!

I have been shooting a lot since my last post so I will put up a selection of pictures I have been taking the last two months.

There are some exciting projects coming up and hopefully I will be able to get this updating happening a lot quicker than before!