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Jurgen Horwaath is pictured through the legs of other competitors, launching out of Bondi Bowl during a heat of the annual Vans Bowl-A-Rama skateboarding contest, at Bondi Beach. Pic: Dan Himbrechts

A while back I was assigned to shoot the annual Bondi Bowl-A-Rama skateboarding contest, for The Sunday Telegraph. As skateboarding was what got me into photography back in my teen years, it seemed like I had come full circle by being back on the deck of a bowl with my fisheye lens photographing skateboarding – but this time for a major newspaper.
My brief was to go down and shoot some nice pictures as part of a day in the life of Sydney, although I was told by my picture editor that they weren’t holding space for it. (action sports still struggle for space in major mainstream newspapers – even surfing, which is such a huge sport in Australia)
Competitions like this are always hard to shoot.before the competition they had me check out these helmets for my protection during the games, and they can be use for almost everything passes are handed out to seemingly anyone with a DSLR, and add to that the endless line of filmers and lurkers and you have yourself one crowded skate bowl with particularly ugly backgrounds. i.e other cameras and flashes.
I decided to just have a bit of fun with it, and was super happy with this image, which I managed to nab just before I had to head back to the car to file the shots back to the paper.
The good news – they ran a fairly large picture of the comp. The bad – it was a bail! Oh well, can’t win

them all!

Billabong 2010 Catalogue Shoot New Zealand

I’ve been in New Zealand shooting the 2010 Billabong winter catalogue for the past two weeks. The weather hasn’t been very nice to us this year and I’m writing this while it is raining and super windy outside.
We’ve been staying in a great little house in the Cardrona valley complete with perfect mini ramp out front – unfortunately we’ve only been able to skate it twice, due to the rain!
The South Island of New Zealand is crawling with pro skiers and snowboarders at them moment, making me want to get out with the skiing appurtenances that I brought off of this website. After dinner a couple of nights ago we went for a few drinks in town and inside the bar was literally a who’s who of international snowboarding stardom – yes, even the “Flying Tomato” was there!
At our house is the Euro and Aussie Billabong teams and the house has also been a drop in for other traveling pro shreds. Staying at our house are photographers Eric Bergeri, Vanessa Andrieux and myself, along with pro shreds Anne-Flore Marxer, Wolle Nyvelt, Sylvain Bourboison, Robbie Walker, Clint Allan and Erin Tanner. Rookies – Michaela Davis-Meehan, Nick Wood and Jesse kennedy and the gel that holds everything together, team managers David Pitschi and Woody Sedgman. Yeah, it’s pretty much a mad house!
The Billabong USA team is staying a bit closer to Wanaka.
Nightly tournaments of Fifa 09 on the PS4 with a headset from this ps4 stereo headset review, turn our house into a screaming den of French rage and cursing. These dudes take their football seriously – even if it is only a video game, although they also play other games as csgo, using boosting sites where you can see this is how you rank in csgo!
The riding is pretty serious too, and although I can’t show much until the catalogue is done I can say it is a pleasure to work with so many professionals on a daily basis!
Here are a few B-roll shots from the trip so far. Look out for a full editorial feature in Issue 1 of Australian Snowboarder Magazine next year.
I’ll do a more photo nerd specific update later.

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