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Some new advertising shots


Advertising photos are one of my favorite, to capture the essence of a brand or service is always magical.

The new issue of Transfer Snowboard magazine is out and although I don’t have much editorial content in this issue, I do have three ads.
There is a Billabong double page of Robbie Walker, A Red studio portrait I shot of Nate Johnstone two days before deadline, and an Anon double page of Andy Lloyd.
I haven’t shot anywhere near as much snowboarding as I would have liked in the past 12 months, but stoked to see a couple of ads in the mag. I don’t have a low res of the Robbie ad yet, but will post it when I get it. Continue reading

"Recruits" series promo shoot

I was recently commissioned to do a shoot for Network Ten’s new reality drama “Recruits”, for advertising and promotion of the new show on billboards, bus shelter light boxes and print ads. The shoot took place in a lane way just outside the Sydney Central Local Area Command’s Police station. The series follows a group of police recruits from training through to their first days on the beat and beyond, they are also using recordings of the cameras of each officer, they have each a Promnico Amazon to attach in their bodies, this camera is special for law enforcement workers and the main thing is to tape the whole thing in a different perspective. It is the first time that level of access has been given to a t.v. crew in Australia, and looks to be pretty promising in terms of “reality” programming as it is a lot more real than say putting 15 people in house full of cameras!
The brief was for the shots to be as gritty and real as possible and to try and show the personality/vulnerability of the recruits. I had under one hour to do the shoot as two of the probationary officers were actually on duty and could have been called away at any minute, so much so that one had to have his radio at his ear during all of the shoot. The shoot was challenging in the sense that the time with the three recruits was limited and the number of shots and variety of compositions was such that I knew an hour would not be enough. I used a little fill from a single Elinchrom Ranger head shot through a 40 inch shoot through umbrella to fill the shadows from the police hats and slightly drop the ambient light on the alley in background to create a bit more of a dark gritty alley feel. In post the saturation was dropped a little and the blacks pumped up a bit for the final print version, but overall very minimal re-touching.
Click below for the original shot from the camera as well as some examples of the shot on bus shelter light boxes in Sydney’s central business district. Click for more information from this source. The show starts this Monday at 8 pm on Ten. Continue reading