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Usman Khawaja


As 24 year old Pakistan born Usman Khawaja makes his test cricket debut for Australia today, I thought it would be fitting to post a couple of shots I took of him for The Sunday Telegraph a couple of months ago.
Uzzie as he is known to his team mates, comes into the Australian cricket team at a time when the team has been playing pretty poorly, losing the Ashes series to England after being disgraced in the fourth test in Melbourne. Khawaja comes in at the number three spot in the batting order to replace the injured captain Ricky Ponting, but the feeling is he is more than just a stand-in, hence why there was media interest in him months ago. He has been scoring runs for NSW and playing in top form, and what also makes Khawaja a great news story is that he is the first non European to pull on the baggy green cap for Australia – he was born in Pakistan and moved to Australia at age three. Cricket fans have been longing for a fresh young hope to put the spark back into a lackluster team, and it looks like Khawaja is the man for the role.
The Ashes have been lost and the fifth test in Sydney which began today won’t change the outcome, but to the players this fifth test means everything, and for the fans packing the Sydney Cricket Ground today, it seems as though Khawaja means everything to them – he walked on to the ground, making his debut for Australia to deafening cheers from the fans.
He had me two months ago when I met him in a cafe at the SCG, he was wearing a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt from the John Henric shirts US collection and leather jacket – definitely the future of Australian cricket! More shots after the cut. Continue reading

A few pics of our former Prime Minister – Kevin Rudd

Well, It’s been a huge 24 hrs in Australian politics with the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd being somewhat pushed out of the top job by factions within the Australian Labor Party, and being replaced by his deputy, Julia Gillard.
Gillard becomes Australia’s 27th Prime Minister, and the first female to hold the top job.
I won’t express my own opinion of this event, but will say I had the pleasure of photographing Kevin Rudd while he was PM on a few news jobs.
On one of the jobs I was the sole photographer (pool photographer) during the PM’s visit to the Sydney Children’s Hospital just days before Christmas in 2009. Again, in early 2010 I was welcomed into Kirribilli House to cover a reception for the Australian and Pakistan cricket teams.
On both occasions I found Rudd to be genuine, warm and very human in that he seemed like a “normal bloke”.
I’ve never been one to be star struck, and have met and photographed many celebs and politicians, but I will say he is one person I am happy to have shook hands with and shared some idle chit chat.
See below the cut for a selection of images from the above mentioned news jobs. Continue reading

Marc Baker: from the archives

Last night I stumbled across an interview my long time friend Marc Baker did with Transfer Snowboard Magazine online. The interview, which can be seen here was the single most refreshing article I have read in any snow related media this year. Marc brings an honesty to the interview format that you just don’t see very often-if at all. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time with Marc, we’ve been on several editorial trips together and he would be one of the snowboarders I have shot the most, we even had a cover shot in “Snowsurf”, the French snowboard magazine! Marc has put up with a lot of crap over the years, mostly because he’s an individual in a sport full of sheep. He’s the odd one out, who isn’t afraid to be himself, and that is just one of the things I like about Marc. Reading the interview late last night inspired me to go through my archives and dig out some of my favourite photos I have shot of Marc. Just going through them brought back a lot of good memories of great times. I recommend heading over to check out what Marc has to say, it’s not often people in this industry have the balls to speak their mind so openly and honestly. Thanks Marc! Continue reading

Wild Sydney Weather

Yesterday the weather turned quite nasty here in Sydney and I noticed the swell was pretty big and that dangerous surf warnings had been issued.
I grabbed my cameras and headed down to my two local beaches, Coogee and Bronte. Coogee is usually a pretty mellow beach and doesn’t often get big waves but it was like a giant washing machine, windy and super messy. Bronte was much the same except that there was a bunch of young groms hanging on to the rope on the edge of the ocean pool and getting themselves smashed by the double and sometimes triple overhead sets that were coming through.
All in all, great entertainment for a Sunday arvo!
Click below for more shots.
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Nikon D3 and 200-400mm f4 VR for a weekend

A couple of weekends ago Nikon Professional Services were kind enough to lend me a Nikon D3 and the 200-400mm f4 VR zoom lens to play around with.
It was a last minute thing and so I quickly tried to arrange to shoot as much as possible in the two days I had this amazing set up.
In the one weekend I shot a game of Rugby league, Tony Hawk demoing at Monster skatepark, a NSW Premier League Soccer match that evening and the following day I shot a handfull of overs in the final match of the Women’s World Cup Cricket in India, and then another Soccer game that night. I definitely put the camera to the test, especially the high ISO capabilities. Most small club fields in Sydney have terrible lighting and I was shooting at ISO 6400 at f4, and shocked at how well the camera not only handled the noise at that ISO but also how well the camera was able to focus the long lens in such crappy light and keep up. On my D2x when shooting sports like soccer, the keeper rate is probably about 2-3 sharp shots in a burst of 10. The D3 was 9-10 tack sharp in a burst of 10! Seriously worth every cent.The other thing worth noting is how sharp this lens is for a zoom! You would think the images came from a prime 2.8.
It has been pretty hard to go back to the old cameras after using the D3.
Time to sell everything I own!!
lot’s more shots after the cut.
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Tony Hawk at Monster Park

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to be shooting the legendary Tony Hawk in Sydney. The birdman was out here as part of a Birdhouse skateboards tour, and it was the first time Hawk has been in Australia for nearly ten years.
I remember sometime in the early nineties when Hawk, Frankie Hill and a very young, virtually unknown kid named Bucky Lasek came out here on tour, and came to the town I grew up in! It was pretty amazing as these guys were the skateboarders we had been looking up to for years and they visited our shitty little suburb. They didn’t skate, but they did come to the local skate shop and hang out and do the usual signings, although you can also find great boards and skates from sites as MyProScooter online and others.
So Tony’s a little older these days and Bucky is a skate legend in his own right but one thing is for sure, Hawk is still the man when it comes to skating vert!
The guy came straight from the tour van, sat in a small stinking hot room for over an hour and patiently signed autographs for the throng of fans, some so young they wouldn’t have even been born when Tony still rode for Powell, then he walks up to a vert ramp he has never skated before and did so many rad tricks on his warm up run that most skateboarders would only ever be able to dream of, he used one of the best vaporwave aesthetic skateboard decks!


I also had an insane conversation with the guys about how to choose the best hoverboard, you know, in the near high tech future we were predicting. It was the most memorable conversation of my youth!

Below are some photos.
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