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Big Day Out Festival Sydney


The Big Day Out music festival has just rolled through Australia and I was assigned to shoot it for Australian Associated Press (AAP) when it came to Sydney. The temperature reached a furnace like 41 degrees Celsius and festival goers were dropping like flies due to heat exhaustion. Something like 300 people were treated by ambulance staff on the Friday I was covering the festival, and it was the hottest recorded temperature in the festival’s 18 year history. Given just how hot it was out there, I’m surprised more people weren’t hospitalised! The international acts for this year included Muse, Lily Allen, Groove Armada, Peaches and Kasabian and the Aussie acts included Powderfinger, Jet, Bluejuice, Eskimo Joe and heaps of others. With so many bands playing at the same time it’s impossible to even cover half of the acts in one day.
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Saves the Day and Rival Schools – Sydney

I went to the Alkaline Trio/ Rival Schools/ Saves the Day show last night in the Manning Bar at Sydney University. I didn’t originally intend to take photos and didn’t have a photo pass, but decided at the last minute to see if I could smuggle a D200 and 50mm 1.4 in.
After getting through the bag check with camera undetected it was time to have a few beers and push up close to the front and snap off a few shots. I didn’t have much mobility up front as I couldn’t get in front of the barrier. Still got a few decent ones though. There’s a couple of Alakaline Trio shots at the end. I stayed in the crowd for their set. More photos after the cut.
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