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Marc Baker: from the archives

Last night I stumbled across an interview my long time friend Marc Baker did with Transfer Snowboard Magazine online. The interview, which can be seen here was the single most refreshing article I have read in any snow related media this year. Marc brings an honesty to the interview format that you just don’t see very often-if at all. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time with Marc, we’ve been on several editorial trips together and he would be one of the snowboarders I have shot the most, we even had a cover shot in “Snowsurf”, the French snowboard magazine! Marc has put up with a lot of crap over the years, mostly because he’s an individual in a sport full of sheep. He’s the odd one out, who isn’t afraid to be himself, and that is just one of the things I like about Marc. Reading the interview late last night inspired me to go through my archives and dig out some of my favourite photos I have shot of Marc. Just going through them brought back a lot of good memories of great times. I recommend heading over to check out what Marc has to say, it’s not often people in this industry have the balls to speak their mind so openly and honestly. Thanks Marc! Continue reading