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Lighthouse Lab

Just noticed today that the lab where I get my film processed has put up a nice little blurb about me on their blog here. Stephen Frizza at The Lighthouse is an absolute genius when it comes to processing and printing film. I have been getting my film processed by Stephen for many years now and he processed and printed my black and white portrait series which I exhibited last May at the MTV gallery in Sydney.

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It was all shot on 6×6 medium format Kodak Tri-x 400 and I was amazed when I went in to pick up my prints, Stephen is such a perfectionist and did an amazing job dodging and burning my 16 x 16 inch prints and not only is he a master printer he is also a really nice guy! I haven’t shot much film lately and am long overdue to drop off the few exposed rolls that have been sitting on my desk for months now.

So do yourself a favour and go out and shoot a roll of film and take it to Stephen! Remember that feeling you used to get when you would go pick up your film/proofs/slides? You can still get that you know!

The image in the screenshot is of Australian Snowboarder Mikey Williams, it was shot in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2007 and was part of a series of 12 images that were exhibited. Image here.

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