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My latest Billabong ad


A couple of posts ago I mentioned this Billabong ad featuring new dad Robbie J Walker. At the time I didn’t have the artwork to share, but thanks to Woody at Billabong I now have the file. This ad went to print in the current issue of Transfer magazine and New Zealand Snowboarder. This is one of those shots that at the time we shot it, we thought it was pretty cool and a lot of fun to set up and shoot, but I didn’t see it as an ad. Now after seeing it in print as a double page spread I like it a lot. It’s interesting that I’ve had a lot of comments from people telling me how much they like this shot as well. It’s weird how sometimes photos that you take don’t instantly grab you, but then somehow, almost a year after it was shot and it appears in print, it seems so different. Guess that says a lot for how much time is spent looking at images on a computer screen. I’d probably like a lot more of my shots if I printed them big right away. Also a big congratulations to Robbie and his lovely girlfriend Alice on the news of the birth of their first child.

Some new advertising shots


Advertising photos are one of my favorite, to capture the essence of a brand or service is always magical.

The new issue of Transfer Snowboard magazine is out and although I don’t have much editorial content in this issue, I do have three ads.
There is a Billabong double page of Robbie Walker, A Red studio portrait I shot of Nate Johnstone two days before deadline, and an Anon double page of Andy Lloyd.
I haven’t shot anywhere near as much snowboarding as I would have liked in the past 12 months, but stoked to see a couple of ads in the mag. I don’t have a low res of the Robbie ad yet, but will post it when I get it. Continue reading

Snow Photo of The Season on Sydney Morning Herald online

The last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. Last week one of my photos (the one above) was voted by the readers of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspaper’s websites as the snow image of the season. I was pretty surprised that the image was the most popular as I almost didn’t even submit it. You can view the original page and reader’s comments for the vote here The shot was taken at treble Cone in New Zealand during the whale watching long beach I was on recently. I didn’t win anything (a lot of friends have asked what I won!), but it was definitely interesting to read through comments from people not necessarily associated with action sports or the snow industry.Stoked that my photo resonated with so many people!