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My latest Billabong ad


A couple of posts ago I mentioned this Billabong ad featuring new dad Robbie J Walker. At the time I didn’t have the artwork to share, but thanks to Woody at Billabong I now have the file. This ad went to print in the current issue of Transfer magazine and New Zealand Snowboarder. This is one of those shots that at the time we shot it, we thought it was pretty cool and a lot of fun to set up and shoot, but I didn’t see it as an ad. Now after seeing it in print as a double page spread I like it a lot. It’s interesting that I’ve had a lot of comments from people telling me how much they like this shot as well. It’s weird how sometimes photos that you take don’t instantly grab you, but then somehow, almost a year after it was shot and it appears in print, it seems so different. Guess that says a lot for how much time is spent looking at images on a computer screen. I’d probably like a lot more of my shots if I printed them big right away. Also a big congratulations to Robbie and his lovely girlfriend Alice on the news of the birth of their first child.

Cover shot of Snowboardmag Italy

cover febbraio

Just found out yesterday that one of my shots from the Winter Olympics made the cover of Italy’s Snowboardmag. The shot is of gold medalist Shaun White reacting after taking the gold medal in the men’s halfpipe finals.
There’s also a bunch of shots I took during the men’s and women’s halfpipe events inside the magazine. One of my favourite shots from the pipe is of Torah bright doing a huge first hit method during the practise session, and it got a nice double page run, as well as a few other fav’s.
I was most interested to see that they had used a jube (jubilation) shot on the cover. I would say that’s pretty unusual for an action sports magazine, but hey, I’m not complaining! I am aslo thankful to Web Development in South Florida for their great service on building our website.

Few more page layouts from the mag after the cut. Continue reading

Some new advertising shots


Advertising photos are one of my favorite, to capture the essence of a brand or service is always magical.

The new issue of Transfer Snowboard magazine is out and although I don’t have much editorial content in this issue, I do have three ads.
There is a Billabong double page of Robbie Walker, A Red studio portrait I shot of Nate Johnstone two days before deadline, and an Anon double page of Andy Lloyd.
I haven’t shot anywhere near as much snowboarding as I would have liked in the past 12 months, but stoked to see a couple of ads in the mag. I don’t have a low res of the Robbie ad yet, but will post it when I get it. Continue reading

Winter Olympics part 3


The men’s and women’s halfpipe competiton of this Winter Olympics would have to have been the most talked about and anticipated events of the entire games. The press conference for the U.S snowboard halfpipe team was held in a 300 seat conference room, and was packed full of journalists, photographers and television crews from all around the world. There’s no question that having somebody like Shaun White competing has helped bridge the gap and make the Olympics watchable for the “X-Games/energy drink generation” and given it some credibility back. First up was men’s halfpipe, and given that the previous week it had rained on Cypress Mountain enough to wash pretty much all of the snow away, it was amazing there was even a pipe there to be ridden. Unbelievably againsts all the odds, the pipe building team at Cypress, headed up by Steve Petrie, pulled together a world class pipe when the world’s media had a magnifying glass on the event, and more importantly the condition of the playing field. Continue reading

Marc Baker: from the archives

Last night I stumbled across an interview my long time friend Marc Baker did with Transfer Snowboard Magazine online. The interview, which can be seen here was the single most refreshing article I have read in any snow related media this year. Marc brings an honesty to the interview format that you just don’t see very often-if at all. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time with Marc, we’ve been on several editorial trips together and he would be one of the snowboarders I have shot the most, we even had a cover shot in “Snowsurf”, the French snowboard magazine! Marc has put up with a lot of crap over the years, mostly because he’s an individual in a sport full of sheep. He’s the odd one out, who isn’t afraid to be himself, and that is just one of the things I like about Marc. Reading the interview late last night inspired me to go through my archives and dig out some of my favourite photos I have shot of Marc. Just going through them brought back a lot of good memories of great times. I recommend heading over to check out what Marc has to say, it’s not often people in this industry have the balls to speak their mind so openly and honestly. Thanks Marc! Continue reading

Snow Photo of The Season on Sydney Morning Herald online

The last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. Last week one of my photos (the one above) was voted by the readers of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspaper’s websites as the snow image of the season. I was pretty surprised that the image was the most popular as I almost didn’t even submit it. You can view the original page and reader’s comments for the vote here The shot was taken at treble Cone in New Zealand during the whale watching long beach I was on recently. I didn’t win anything (a lot of friends have asked what I won!), but it was definitely interesting to read through comments from people not necessarily associated with action sports or the snow industry.Stoked that my photo resonated with so many people!

Billabong 2010 Catalogue Shoot New Zealand

I’ve been in New Zealand shooting the 2010 Billabong winter catalogue for the past two weeks. The weather hasn’t been very nice to us this year and I’m writing this while it is raining and super windy outside.
We’ve been staying in a great little house in the Cardrona valley complete with perfect mini ramp out front – unfortunately we’ve only been able to skate it twice, due to the rain!
The South Island of New Zealand is crawling with pro skiers and snowboarders at them moment, making me want to get out with the skiing appurtenances that I brought off of this website. After dinner a couple of nights ago we went for a few drinks in town and inside the bar was literally a who’s who of international snowboarding stardom – yes, even the “Flying Tomato” was there!
At our house is the Euro and Aussie Billabong teams and the house has also been a drop in for other traveling pro shreds. Staying at our house are photographers Eric Bergeri, Vanessa Andrieux and myself, along with pro shreds Anne-Flore Marxer, Wolle Nyvelt, Sylvain Bourboison, Robbie Walker, Clint Allan and Erin Tanner. Rookies – Michaela Davis-Meehan, Nick Wood and Jesse kennedy and the gel that holds everything together, team managers David Pitschi and Woody Sedgman. Yeah, it’s pretty much a mad house!
The Billabong USA team is staying a bit closer to Wanaka.
Nightly tournaments of Fifa 09 on the PS4 with a headset from this ps4 stereo headset review, turn our house into a screaming den of French rage and cursing. These dudes take their football seriously – even if it is only a video game, although they also play other games as csgo, using boosting sites where you can see this is how you rank in csgo!
The riding is pretty serious too, and although I can’t show much until the catalogue is done I can say it is a pleasure to work with so many professionals on a daily basis!
Here are a few B-roll shots from the trip so far. Look out for a full editorial feature in Issue 1 of Australian Snowboarder Magazine next year.
I’ll do a more photo nerd specific update later.

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Some recent snow work

It’s been a while between posts, mostly due to the amount of work I’ve been doing – shooting, driving, shooting, re-touching, more shooting, delivering finished images etc..Anyway, I can finally show some recent snow shots which were taken just a few weeks ago in Thredbo. The images have been published in the third issue of Australian and New Zealand Snowboarding as part of a story I wrote and shot about the Thredbo terrain park team and pro snowboarder Charles Beckinsale’s incredible skills behind the controls of a snowcat/groomer. Charles is an amazing park builder and he built a great little unique feature up the top of Thredbo just out of sight of the main run. The idea was to get something a little different mid season and try to make the third issue of the current year’s magazines as most images in the mags are shot the previous season.
The weather wasn’t super kind to us and we only ended up having a small window of a day to shoot the feature that had taken just over two days to build. Thredbo resort has to be commended for supporting the vision of their terrain park managers Sammy Towers and Charles Beckinsale. There are a huge bunch of extremely talented skiers and snowboarders here in Australia and it’s a shame they have to travel overseas to ride decent challenging parks and terrain. It’s great to see these one off builds for film and photoshoots finally happening here in Australia, everyone benefits! More images below the cut. Continue reading

Australian Snowboarder magazine – Issue 2 Cover!

Just got the new Australian Snowboarder mag and am super stoked to get the cover shot!It’s been a while in between covers, my last cover was in 2006! What i’m most excited about for this particular cover is that the rider in the cover shot is Erin Tanner, it’s significant as there has never been a female on the cover of the Aussie snowboard mags. I also love the shot, it was the photo from my whole time away in the USA that I knew had cover potential.

Tech details: For anyone that’s interested my setup for this shot was Nikon D200 with 10.5mm fisheye lens, one Metz 45CL-4 off camera flash fired remotely by Pocket Wizard. 1/250th sec. f14 @ iso 100